About The Habit Show


My name is Matt Nunogawa and I created The Habit Show because I believe that good habits are important.

I started tracking my habits with a phone-based app. Unforuntately I found that it didn't stick. Just getting on the phone was like asking for distraction: email, social media, games, etc.

Much later, I tried again. This time I put my habits up on a wall. Specifically, I used a variant of the Jerry's Seinfeld's "Don't break the chain". By putting my habits, and the streaks on a wall, it was like a constant reminder without the distractions.

Importantly, despite the fact that I was tracking rather mundane habits, (daily walking, medidation, and writing), I saw that they correlated strongly with success in my professional life. If the habits flagged, business metrics flattened. If the Habits stayed green, business metrics went up.

I use The Habit Show with a wall-mounted TV. It works. From the day I launched this service, I've been keeping a pretty good streak going. You can see my progress here.

A wall mounted TV might not be for everyone. You can achieve much of The Habit Show tries to promote with a large wall calendar and a black marker. That's what Jerry Seinfeld did.

Regardless if you use this website or not, I wish you the best and hope you build great habits!